Thursday, February 9, 2012

Carnage & Glory Firing Template

A previous customer of mine asked me to make a version of my wooden firing templates for the computer-moderated wargaming rules Carnage & Glory. This is the result of that request, made according to his requirements. Since I'm already selling Carnage & Glory rulers on my site, I thought customers who purchased those might also like some of these so I've listed them for sale on my Wright Brothers R/C store site. Sorry for the shameless plug, but a fella has to earn his toy soldier money somehow!

As a side note, my streak of posts for twelve continuous days from 1/25/12 through 2/5/12 was definitely a record for the blog. I also set a new record of twenty (20) posts in the month of January which completely shattered the old record of fourteen (14) posts that I had achieved a few times before. It's been a good winter for wargaming this year for sure.

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