Sunday, February 12, 2012

FOW V3 Roll-Out Party at Adler Hobby

Yesterday I attended the Flames of War version 3 roll-out party at Adler Hobby. It was great to see so many people stop by the store throughout the day including many familiar faces and a bunch of new ones as well. There was much talk about the new rules to be had, which list should take which options in our upcoming late-war league and soda, beer and snacks to be had for all. There was also a raffle for a fully painted British raiding force with beautiful LDRG jeeps and infantry.

During the day two tables had V3 games running while people tried out the rules. A lot of us watched as we all started to familiarize ourselves with the new rules. I was particularly interested on Don's game against Scott. They played 1000 points on a 4'x4' table to hopefully make for a good quick game. Don pushed his Fallschirmjäger infantry supported by PaK 40 AT guns and a couple of Hornise mobile heavy AA SP guns. Scott pushed American infantry with a platoon of Sherman tanks and a platoon of M10 tank destroyers. With both players playing infantry companies with good AT support whomever got the unwelcome task of having to attack was in for a tough haul.

The American infantry drew the short straw and were the attackers. Don's Hornise ambush made short work of the Sherman platoon, allowing me to lend out some of my new wreck markers which look even better on the table then they do on the painting table. The Americans had a tough time on their left flank with the loss of the Sherman tanks. In the middle and on the right side they had better luck but it was still a tough haul. Eventually the remnants of the American left platoon were able to launch a successful assault from the cover of a large rock pile. This was possible due to some of the new V3 changes and seemed like an improvement in the assault phase. Unfortunately the last of the German reserves came in just in time to secure the flank and kill a stand of the small American flank force. They failed morale and the CO tried to convince them to stand firm but he failed to motivate them and he and they left for home. In the same turn the American tank destroyer platoon also failed a morale check forcing the leaderless company to retreat.

This was a fun game to watch and both players played well and had fun. Either infantry force having to attack would have been a tough challenge.

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Ray Rousell said...

Nice photos, bad luck with the game!!