Monday, September 30, 2013

Hannibal at the Gates Play Test

Last Friday evening we got together at my uncle's house to play test some proposed rule modifications to his ancients rules, Hannibal at the Gates. Since we're currently playing a campaign with these rules we thought a separate non-campaign game to try them out would be appropriate. This was a game pitting the Carthaginians against a Gual force of warriors reinforced with some local Roman model legions. The core of the Carthaginians were their ponderous Hoplites facing off against the ponderous Gaul Warrior units....or as Ralph described it, "hot ponderous on ponderous action".

As a group we settled on liking almost all the proposed rule changes with only a slight adjustment to soldier units combat factors. The table also included a lot of terrain so we could test the new terrain effects on soldier units. Soldier units include peltasts, scutari and theurophoroi.

The game was fun and bloody. Phil was able to destroy a whole wing of elephants while inflicting some, but not enough return damage to the Gaul center. On the far flank Bob's cavalry command did well against Charlie and on the right I mostly demonstrated on my flank while Mike and Bob won their areas. When your team mates are rolling hot dice don't muck it up by adding in any more of your poor rolls than is absolutely required. That's my motto.

All in all it was a great time. Calling it a 'play test' doesn't do it justice. Really we played a great game with alternate rules in place to make sure they worked out, which for the most part they did beautifully.


Ray Rousell said...

Looks a good game!

Rodger said...

Wonderful looking game!

BigRedBat said...

Yes looks really nice!