Saturday, September 14, 2013

September 2013 Game Night

Yesterday was our club's monthly game night. I played in Earl's beautiful French & Indian war skirmish game that uses the 'Musket & Tomahawks' rule set. The rules are simple, fun and bloody. I was on the French side with my friends Ed and Greg (photo left). I started off with two squads of Courier de Bois and two squads of Indians. One of my squads of Coureurs de Bois got mauled right away by new member prospect Matt, but then my luck turned around and I was able to trade blow for blow with Matt and Gordon's British irregulars and British lead Indians ending up on top. Additionally my Indian officer was able to commit an act of martyrdom and get killed which was a side objective for him. Fun game beautiful terrain and figures.

Phil ran a 28mm Volley & Bayonet game for the Battle of Hubbardton. This small scenario was able to be played three times by our experienced V&B players.

Kevin ran a beautiful France 1940 WWII game in 15mm using Blitzkrieg Commander rules. The terrain on this table was as plentiful as the figures. They must have been having a great time because this game was still going strong when I left.

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Ray Rousell said...

Some great looking games!