Saturday, September 14, 2013

Thracian and Gaul Soldiers

These are two units of what Hanibal at the Gates calls 'soldiers'. They're called medium infantry in Field of Glory and Auxilia in DBA/DBM. The figures I purchased painted from a private seller on Ebay. In our upcoming first Punic War campaign some of the players have large hoplite armies that will need some extra soldier bases. When I saw these on Ebay I jumped on them.

Each two-stand unit will make one maneuver element of soldiers in HATG. The Gauls will pair up with my other Gaul heavy infantry units. The Thracians will accompany some Hoplites in Charlie's army I believe. I couldn't resist buying these because of the beautiful paint jobs on the Thracian cloaks.


Unknown said...

The Thracians look very good indeed.

Ian said...

Looks like you scored yourself some very nice figures, both are nice but the Thracian's get the nod