Monday, May 5, 2014

28mm Water Mill Conversion

This is the 28mm stone and half-timber house/inn that I posted last week with a new water wheel added to it. I've designed the wheel so that it appears to be one piece with the building, but it's actually a separate piece allowing me additional versatility with the previously created building.

My uncle pointed out that we have a lot of tabletops with streams and rivers on them but you rarely see a mill. He also pointed out that mills typically have stone on the mill side to protect the building from the water and my stone building would make a good base for conversion to a mill.

The water wheel and stone tower supports for it are laser cut. The river and cut stone channel are hand made. The channel is designed to match existing river pieces I already had, shown in the photos. While most mills use a dam or waterfall to drop water on top of the wheel, I have found photos of several historic mills which used passing water current in the configuration I've chosen to use. This and the fact that it's quite impractical to have a large enough height shift in a regular wargame table to facilitate a waterfall or dam makes this the best choice.


Rodger said...

Very nice idea and execution AJ!

Anonymous said...

That's a clever idea, AJ.
Actually there were lots of mills in the past using the current of a small river or stream (technical term: undershot mill).
As you probably know I made an undershot mill, too. It's a rather voluminous affair, but we used it in our last game.