Saturday, May 3, 2014

Bolt Action WWII Game and Another Half-Timber Cottage

Last night I was invited to play another Bolt Action WWII game at my Uncle Ralph's house. The scenario is one he's play testing for one of our club's upcoming monthly game nights. The scenario was a German defense of a town and three stone bridges across a small river. Attacking was a large force of American infantry with good armor support.

The American forces used several smoke screens to mixed success. They were able to neutralize a Flakverling quad 20mm AA gun, but the smoke destined to cover the Pak 40 AT gun drifted off target. Although the Pak didn't do any damage, the machine guns covering it had plenty of GIs to shoot. This was a fun and beautiful game. Ralph will me making some slight adjustments and we'll give it one more play test before club game night. Even with the adjustments the game needed it was still a ton of fun.

Ralph sent me the lead photo above, and the following tabletop photos, which show quite nicely how beautiful the terrain for this game was.

In addition to the game, Ralph also made a terrain piece of a small farmstead with a large walled yard and a pig stye. This terrain piece features a half-timber cottage Ralph made from my laser-cut parts. This is a slightly revised version of the cottage I posted earlier. Ralph's addition of the walls, and his expert decoration of the entire piece really puts the laser-cut cottage in the best possible surroundings - stunning! Ralph has also added a stovepipe on the roof instead of a chimney. For such a small domicile this makes a lot of sense to me, and looks wonderful, right down to the roof staining from the pipe.

I have one of these re-designed cottages completed as well that hasn't yet been posted to the blog. Before I photographed it I lent it to Ralph to use as an example on how to build his. I'm very much considering imitating Ralph's terrain piece. The creativity in it adds a lot to the original building.


DeanM said...

Now that is an excellent set up with top-notch terrain! I can envision some great action taking place all over the place

PanzerKaput said...

Thats one heck of a nice looking game and table there and I like the half timber house, top work