Thursday, May 15, 2014

Small 28mm Bahnhof (Train Station) WIP

My uncle has been wanting a small train station for his 28mm Bolt Action tables. He has some good track and a train, and what European town doesn't have a train station? This past Sunday we got together and designed one in the CAD system and cut the parts on the laser. These are the in-progress shots of the shell made from the parts straight off the laser with just glue added. Hopefully with some paint and roof texture this will make a fine addition to his table.

We aimed for a small village station. Buildings in 28mm tend to dominate the table even when on the small side. This village station has room for a ticket booth and some sitting area, and doors to the street, train platform and loading platform. The train platform has a cantilevered roof to shield passengers from the elements. The building will eventually be painted in a stucco finish and there are faux stone corner block details that will be glued on after the stucco finish is applied. Both my uncle and I are quite happy with the model so far. I'm excited enough about it I plan to make one for myself and obtain some track and a train.

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Hobbyworker said...

The bahnhof looks great