Monday, May 4, 2015

Romans vs. Samnites - First Punic War Campaign

A couple of weeks ago we got together to fight another battle in our ongoing First Punic War campaign. This one was a Samnite attack on the Roman city of Capua. The campaign is coming down to the final turns and Rome is in a dominant position. Each of the other players in turn have been trying to drop Rome down a notch or two on the victory point ladder to extend the campaign. This was Don's attempt with his Samnites.

The battle was 9 points worth of Romans vs. 8 points of Samnites. I played with Phil and Don as Samnites. We did our best, but with a better quality army and an extra point worth of troops the battle was a slaughter and Rome won easily. Still a game getting slaughtered on the tabletop with friends is still a good way to spend an evening.

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