Sunday, July 5, 2015

A new distraction

Sorry that I have been quiet as of late. I've just recently picked up a woodworking lathe that's been a new distraction and big sink of hobby time. I'm sure from time to time I'll be creating wargaming-related items on this, mostly terrain-related.

In the future I don't plan on blogging my woodworking projects, at least not on this blog. I may from time to time post a notice when I might be focusing more time on it such as now.

Below a quickly turned mallet for inserting drive centers into wood, a close up of the lathe head and speed control and a pile of shavings left after you turn a piece of firewood into a mallet.


RMentch said...

AJ, I too do woodworking as a hobby, use hand tools, but I do have a power lathe I've never used. I really want a carving mallet and yours looked great. Was it an early lathe project? Hard to do?

Rich Mentch

RMentch said...

Nice work! I also have woodworking as another hobby and have a lathe which I have ever used. Was it difficult to turn the mallet? I need one of those for some carving that is coming up.