Tuesday, July 14, 2015

Northern Conspiracy July 2015 Game Night

Last Friday our club had our monthly game night for July. Due to the holiday week turnout was low, but I did get to play in a great ancients game hosted by my friend Don. The game featured Ralph's Marathon to Marius rules and was a historic scenario, The Battle of Telamon. Don used 15mm figures, which worked just fine with Ralph's rules even though all our play tests were done using 28mm figures. Don and I played the Romans who surrounded a Gaul raiding army from two sides. Bob and Ralph played the defending Gauls.

The Gauls quickly sorted out that the Romans would be attacking from two sides and formed up a good defence with Bob probing my Etruscan infantry with his cavalry aggressively. Don's command took a while to get on line while my command fought the Gauls doing well against Ralph and approximately even against Bob. Don's command was able to do very well against Ralph's opposite battle line sealing the victory for Rome. In the end the two armies were only 3 victory chips different from each other with both armies starting with approximately 30 chips, so the victory for Rome was marginal. The scenario which Don play tested three times was well balanced. With die rolls being more even the outcome would have easily been a coin flip for either side to win.

I was running late to the event so I went directly from work and didn't have my camera with me. Because of this I stole the above photo from our club website, courtesy of the club president Phil. The rest of his photos can be seen on our club gallery here: http://thenorthernconspiracy.org/clubportal/eventphotos.cfm?clubID=2685&pubmenuoptID=29222

No, I am not sleeping in the photo, I'm just thinking really hard. Hey at least I'm wearing a Gettysburg polo shirt!

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Brigadier Dundas said...

Nice shirt! I commend you on a well balanced attack that carried the brunt of Rome's retribution towards the Gallic host.