Sunday, August 30, 2015

EB AWI at The 6th Annual Hobby Bunker Game Day

This past Saturday I ran my Electronic Brigadier Freemen's Farm scenario at the Hobby Bunker's 6th annual game day. The game day was held in the Hobby Bunker's gaming area which contained six separate gaming tables. The Hobby Bunker is appropriately named. Being in a basement retail space, my cell phone WiFi hotspot didn't have a solid signal. The Hobby Bunker's house WiFi worked fairly well sometimes, but had occasional 'hiccups' which caused the tablets fits. The players were all very understanding, and considering the networking issues, we still managed to play 20 turns and play the game to a firm conclusion.

This battle was a case of two 18th century armies deploying at different rates. The Americans got their lines set up quickly, the crown forces came in a bit more piecemeal. The Americans got a lot of early two on one firefights which they took well advantage of. Casualties early in the game were three for two in favor of the rebels. By the time the British pressed the issue withe the bayonet the damage was done. Victimized were the British 20th and 9th foot plus the British and Hessian grenadiers. The cost for the Americans, the 2nd and 4th New York with the 2nd New Hampshire in reserve in bad shape but remaining on the battlefield under the watchful eye of General Poor. The final statistics are shown below:

British Forces
  • Army cohesion: 82.1%
  • Total Casualties: 418 / 3709 (11.3%)
  • 4 units dispersed
  • 1 shaken units
American Forces
  • Army cohesion: 84.1%
  • Total Casualties: 269 / 3740 (7.2%)
  • 2 units dispersed
  • 1 shaken units
Thanks to all the players for hanging in there with the network problems. I had a great time running the game, and from the smiles in the photos it looks like everyone had fun playing despite the slight technical issues.

Adam has a write up of the game on his Fencing Frog blog with more photos.

The state of the battlefield at the end of the game with all the gaming materials cleared:

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The Angry Lurker said...

Looked like a damn good game......for the British!