Monday, August 17, 2015

Northern Conspiracy August 2015 Game Night

Last Friday I hosted another game of AWI Electronic Brigadier at our club's August game night. The battle was something I've always wanted to do - an alternate history game using AWI troops but for a Napoleonic battle. The battle was Quatre Bras. The Americans took the British role and the British the French role. I superimposed the battle into the 1777 Saratoga campaign with some fiddling to make things work.

The Americans had to defend 'the crossroads' which were where Quatre Bras was in the Napoleonic battle. The British needed to capture the crossroads, pushing through the defending Americans.  Photoed below are the Americans, Greg, Ralph and Dick.

I was pressed into service as a British wing commander along with CinC Bob and wing commander Rob. Early on the stream caused the British, myself especially, trouble and it took a while to get our troops on line. Dick got some early two on one volleys against my approaching red coats. Once on line I was able to return the two on one volleys in kind along with help down the line from Rob. On the left flank Bob beat up on the Connecticut militia with his Hessians. Eventually Rob and I were able to wear down Dick's command of Poor's brigade, routing one NH and one NY continental unit. In the center the British lights wavered but were hanging on by a thread. The British grenadiers also took a thrashing but were holding firm when we called the game.

In the end it was the British quality that decided the battle. Although both armies suffered similar casualties, the Americans had more units dispersed or in poor morale at the end of the game. The post game statistics were as follows:

British Forces
  • Army cohesion: 77.0%
  • Total Casualties: 309 / 3909 (7.9%)
  • 0 units dispersed
  • 2 shaken units
American Forces
  • Army cohesion: 83.6%
  • Total Casualties: 313 / 3740 (8.4%)
  • 3 units dispersed
  • 3 shaken units

The other two games were Michael's WWII air combat Aldertag (Eagle Day) August 1940 Battle of Britain (Axis & Allies Angels 20) game and Phil's 15mm Regimental Fire & Fury Sabine Crossroads game. I apologize to both Michael and Phil for not getting many photos. Having to GM and play in my game I didn't even really have time to take decent photos of my own game.


Dick Bryant said...

I once put on a Quatre Bras as a American Civil War game. It was four turns in before one of the players commented that "this scenario seems familiar". But it was a good game.
Dick Bryant

AJ (Allan) Wright said...

Nice. The players in this game were so engaged with the battle they didn't sniff it out until I let the cat out of the bag.

AdamC1776 said...

Cool Idea AJ.