Wednesday, August 26, 2015

Moderns with MarkD

Last Saturday my friend MarkD, from MarkD's Gaming Site had a few of us to his gaming bunker to play some moderns using his Bolt Action modern modifications. The game was a play test of his game for our club's upcoming game night. The mission, a UN force has to escort a VIP from a Serbian-held area. Ralph, Ed and I were the UN forces. Ralph was the UN Canadians, Ed the French and I was the Belgians and French armor. Charlie and Mike were the Serbian insurgents.
Charlie and Mike deployed in a blocking position behind a river and quickly collapsed on the Canadians defending the town. Ralph defended the first wave attack on the town slaughtering an entire squad of Charlie's Serbians. From there it turned pear shaped for the UN forces as Charlie and Mike quickly picked them apart while Ed and I tried to catch up with them across the river. My armored car crew was drunk, they had to be. They missed every shot with their huge main gun, even when shooting at one of the Serbian-held buildings in the town. Yes, they couldn't even hit the broad side of a house!
Little by little the Serbians whittled the Canadians down to just the VIP bodyguard and finally the Serbian sniper took her out - bang! right between the eyes. Fun game, good scenario, and the UN vehicles are just WAY too cool looking. Thanks for the fun day Mark.


Ralph said...

Charlie provided my favorite quote of the day. "I should have suspected there was someone on the building when I saw the truck parked outside."

Ralph said...

" the building..."

Jay White said...

Very cool!