Friday, January 29, 2016

Northern Conspiracy Game Night - January 2016

Last Friday evening, our club got together for the first game night of the year. I played in Mark D's modern bolt-action game.  Mark has added in modern weapons and vehicles, but otherwise kept Bolt Action as-written. The key is getting the squad size just right to balance the added firepower of the modern squad composition. I think Mark has done a very good job of doing this.

The game pitted Charlie and Ross (shown above) as Serbian insurgents and Phil and me as the French/UN peace keeper force. The scenario had 5 objective points, three worth one point eacy in the terrain surrounding the town's cross roads and two points for controlling the cross roads.

The Serbians jumped onto all three of the outlying objectives while my UN command, in their very impressive looking white vehicles, rushed to grab the buildings on our side of the town. Phil on our right flank set up to assault the right most objective, while Ross quickly blew up Phil's Jeep silencing its 50cal MG.

I took a pasting on the left from Charlie's 'technical' civilian pickup truck with a 50cal MG on it, and from his infantry from a wood edge. In the town I did better, eventually occupying three of the four buildings and blowing up Ross' armored car using a LAW. Still it was advantage Serbians 3-2. Towards the end fo the battle Phil's troops made a mad suicide charge on the only contested objective. It was costly, but he prevailed. The Serbian counter-attack was stopped by the combined firepower of one UN armored car, my troops in the town and one of Phil's squads on the hill. Very close game right to the end and a lot of fun.

I didn't get any photographs of the other games, but I did shoot some videos. First video is an overview of the room and all three tables.

Next up is a view of Earl's French & Indian War table.

Finally, a view of Ralph's Hanibal at the Gates table.

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