Thursday, January 7, 2016

2015 - Year in Review

Last year I neglected to post an end of the year wrap-up post. I regret that as when I make the first post of each year I reset my painting and gaming totals on this blog. 2014 was a very active year but I've lost the statistics for it. That's water under the bridge. This year, 2015 was EVEN BETTER!

As far as painting, I've included as the title photo for this post, my Austrian Napoleonic artillery, my favorite unit that I painted in 2015. I did well painting 176 28mm figures, primarily Republican Roman figures, but with some British WWII and the above mentioned Austrian Napoleonic figures tossed in for variety.  I purchased 179 28mm figures and two tanks. The figures were an even mix between Napoleonics and WWII. Each year I strive to paint more figures than I buy pre-painted. I will call this year 'close enough' to be a success as far as that's concerned. I also re-based 88 stands, mostly my recently painted ancients collection to adapt to the changing basing standards of Ralph's Hannibal at the Gates rules.

As far as gaming is concerned it was a banner year. I hosted 11 games myself, all of which were using my Electronic Brigadier rules. I'm very happy where the rules are for AWI at this point and will now be focusing on getting the ACW, 7YW and Napoleonic periods working. The latter is the primary reason for my recent flurry of 28mm Napoleonic figure painting. I also attended 28 games hosted by others. Some of these were at conventions and my local club's monthly events, but a majority of them were either Hannibal at the Gates games or Napoleon's Rules of War games. The former was split evenly between Mike's First Punic War campaign and play test games at Ralph's. The latter were all hosted by Charlie. Adding both the self hosted and attended games I averaged 3 games a month - an embarrassment of riches!

Here's looking to another great year in 2016. Next up on the painting table are some 28mm Austrian Grenzers followed by some 28mm Austrian command personality figures.

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