Wednesday, January 13, 2016

NROW Play Test #3 in Charlie's New Gaming Loft

Last Friday a group of us gathered at Charlie's for another play test of his most recent changes to Napoleon's Rules of War. It was a great turn out with 9 players plus Charlie making 10. I played on the French right flank with Rob to my right. Our plan was to defend a river bank while the left flank of the French army attacked. During the first turn Rob and I decided to try to counter Charlie's flank attack with a division crossing the river. At turn two it became clear that Charlie's Austrian advanced corps had the jump on us and a retreat back to our side of the river seemed prudent.

Rob switched to the center attack when Ed had to leave, leaving me to take a severe beating from Charlie "momma needs a new pair of shoes" G. Our attack in the center, while successful early stalled and Charlie's successful attack on our flank paired with an Austrian re-deployment in the center sealed the victory for Austria.

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