Sunday, February 28, 2016

Samnite Linnen Legion

These figures represent a portion of the Samnite 'linen legion'. The linen legion, is mentioned in Livy and is reported to have been comprised of religious purists. The white of their tunics and shields and the silvering of their arms and armor were because white and silver were colors that symbolized this religious purity. As part of a larger Samnite army these figures would be part of the elite portion of the army. As mercenaries in my Roman, Carthaginian or Pyrrhic armies they'll represent a half-legion or division of soldiers and skirmishers. Later on if I paint up a full Samnite army I would add the spear line to these units to complete the legion. Like my previous Samnite unit, these are Old Glory figures with Aventine shields.

Also painted with these figures were three additional Campanian hoplite figures to round out a third unit as part of an upcoming re-basing effort for a previously painted unit. These figures will receive their matte varnish as part of the re-basing process.

With these three, this is another 24 figures added to this year's painting totals. The frigid weather this winter has had a positive influence on my painting, that's for sure.


Neil Scott said...

Nice work

Prufrock said...

Nice - just finished these in 15mm last night, coincidentally!

Piotr Frąckowiak said...

Very nice! I like them

Cyrus said...

Excellent work!