Sunday, February 5, 2017

28mm Late-War British Weapons Teams (2)

For my upcoming club WWII Iron Cross game, I wanted to start off with a scenario that featured mirrored armies. This will allow me to scale the game to the number of players I get easily. It will also remove some complexity in the scenario design. I'm new to Iron Cross so I'm not confident enough to make a balanced scenario with different force compositions on each side.  Hopefully soon that will change. In order to match what I have for German weapons teams, I needed to paint up a British mortar team and a 17 pounder AT gun. The latter is the closest in the British TO&E to the German Pak-40. I painted these up Wednesday evening and based them up on Thursday - just in time for Friday's game.

The mortar team is from West Wind's 'Berlin or Bust' line. They describe the pack as 'Medium Mortars'. I believe this means they should be 3" ordinance mortars. Since they're nonspecific I suppose they could also be lend-lease US 81mm? Either way I'm particularly happy that I did my research and painted the mortar bombs with the appropriate colors and striping on the heads. I think it dresses up the stand a touch.

The 17 pounder AT gun is from Warlord Games. I like the looks of this gun and the figures. The seated figure on the gun trail gave me some trouble. He's supposed to sit on the gun's seat to sight the gun. For the life of me I couldn't get him to fit there after assembling the gun. Sitting him on the gun trail seems quite natural for me based on the historic photo below that I found while doing my research on how to assemble and paint this gun.


Walt said...

I had to cut the seat to get my 17 pounder gunner on it. I also magnetized the barrel and gun shield though, so I can pack the gun up for storage.

AJ (Allan) Wright said...

Good idea. I wish I had thought of that!