Friday, February 10, 2017

Northern Conspiracy February 2017 Game Night

Last night was our club's February game night. We had 16 attendees and three games run. I ran an Iron Cross 'big game' with my previously tested 'Radar Station' scenario. I only had three people at my table, so I played with Mike on the German side and Bob and Kevin played as the British. Since there was only four of us, we had each side spend one command token at a time and this worked very nicely.

Kevin and Bob scored big hits early knocking out Mike's Stug with some accurate fire from a Sherman I (75mm) brewing it up and scaring the hell out of Mike's nearby infantry on a react move. Bob took out my Panzer IV with his Cromwell from long range with another nice penetration roll. Down our heavy armor, Mike's Pak-40 AT gun had to be all over the table fending off the British medium tanks. Mike didn't score any kills, but he kept the British armor honest and caused them to make several react moves to avoid being taken out.

As the game progressed both sides occupied the villages and started close-range building to building firefights. Mike and I teamed up to knock out Kevin's MG team. On a following turn Mike and I each eliminated a British infantry detachment with our MGs. Bob forced one of my infantry teams to fall back with his MG and infantry team combined fire. When we called time, Each side had the same number of points for village buildings and the Germans had kept the radar station and killed one more British squad. Minor victory for the Germans.

Update! My friend Ed M. from Ed M's Wargames Meanderings blog took these photos of my game that he forwarded me to share here!

Ralph ran a game with his 28mm ACW armies and his rules, Steady Boys!

Phil ran a 15mm Crossfire WWII game, early war French vs Germans.

Sorry for the lack of quantity and quality of photos. My game was a handful to set up and having to GM and play kept me too busy to re-visit the other games during the evening or even take many decent photos of my own game.

Next up on the painting table, more German WWII and a French Napoleonic artillery battery.

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