Tuesday, January 2, 2018

2017 Year In Review

2017 was a rough year for me personally. Things are better now, but my painting suffered throughout the middle of the year and painting totals are down significantly from previous years. Here's hoping 2018 brings me back to normal. My wargaming friends were great support during the year with 18 games played. I was also able to host 7 games myself and co-host another.  This was the year of WWII for me with a majority of my effort put into my WWII armies and running Iron Cross games. My favourite unit of the year is shown above, my scratch-built conversion of the Warlord Marder III into a Flakpanzer 38t and the RSO Pak-40 converted from the Warlord RSO and the gun from the Warlord Marder III. the best part of both is the RSO can still be used as a transportation vehicle due to use of magnets to mount the armoured cab and the AA gun on the Flakpanzer can also be used on the ground as an normal towed version.

Totals for this year are as follows:
  • Painted 28mm figures: 56 (mostly WWII British)
  • Painted 28mm vehicles: 7 - TWO were scratch build conversions
  • Terrain/Misc created: 51 - One scratch-built 28mm WWII German generator and some movement trays
  • Purchased painted 28mm figures: 28 (less than I painted!)
  • Purchased X-wing miniatures: 46
Painted figures pie-chart:

In 2018 I hope to continue enjoying Iron Cross WWII gaming. It's my hope to settle down on club 'house rules' for terrain and some of the less clear portions of these otherwise excellent rules. My other big project will be to return to working on my Electronic Brigadier rules in hopes of getting Napoleonics play tested and fully tuned. Once that's done I hope to allow some friends access to the system to run some games.

Here's wishing everyone a fun and productive 2018.


Millsy said...

Happy New Year Allan! Here's hoping 2018 is a better one for you.

Scott MacPhee said...

I hope things look up in 2018!