Monday, January 8, 2018

Star Wars X-Wing Ground Forces - Play Test #2

Last Friday Bob hosted the 2nd play test of his Star Wars X-Wing Miniatures Ground Forces rules. These are a series of house rules to extend Star Wars X-Wing Miniatures from outer space down to the planet's surface. The game uses available and previously-available licensed Star Wars toys and miniatures into a 6-10mm ground game. Combat and movement mechanisms are all similar or compatible with the core game, so familiar to new players.

The scenario was an Imperial attack on a Rebel base. The Imperials came in hot and heavy with AT-ATs and smaller walkers. The Rebels defended with their own walkers, heavy and light tanks and a few land speeders.

Mike's land speeders suffered dearly in their run at the AT-ATs. One did attempt a harpoon snare attack, but missed before being taken out. As the battle slugged on the Imperial forces kept the upper hand. The smaller walkers being just as effective as the larter AT-ATs. In the end the rebels did manage to take down one of the Goliaths, but the writing was on the wall for them.

This is a fun diversion and has great toys. Bob's rules have taken a huge step forward since the first play test and the game was big fun. Below is a small video of the battlefield during opening instructions.


jprp said...

What are the tanks?

Unknown said...

Where are the miniatures from?