Thursday, January 18, 2018

Northern Conspiracy January 2018 Game Night

Last Friday the conspiracy braved the weather again to get in some winter gaming. I participated in Greg's WWII skirmish game run with 'Chain of Command' rules by Too Fat Lardies. Greg's scenario featured his beautiful terrain and figures. This time the blitzkrieg into Poland at the start of the war. The scenario was a Polish counter attack. Phil, Chris and I were the Poles against experienced CoC players Byron and Dick.

Our attack was blunted early with effective MG fire from the Germans' Panzer I and main gun fire from their Panzer II quickly taking out one of my tanks and suppressing Chris' infantry. A turn later a Pak-36 popped a hole in the second of my three tanks, taking out my platoon leader.

From here things turned towards the Poles favor with Phil and his Polish light tanks tearing a swath through the right side of the Germans taking out tanks, infantry and the Pak-36 AT gun with equal prejudice. Phil's tanks were obviously crewed with Poland's finest tank crews. On the other flank Chris' infantry pressed forward and paid a heavy price for every inch of ground. Dick and I slugged it out mano-a-mano Panzer II vs my Vickers 17-ton tank, neither of us able to penetrate, or sometimes even hit the other. After several near misses on each side, my tank finally withdrew from the action, the heat too hot for them (retreated off the table). It was about this time that Phil's tankettes had finished up the Germans on his flank and were turning to the other side to seal the deal. Well done Phil - you saved Poland for another day.

Pete ran his 28mm Flanders game. It was epic-sized, trimmed to fit the players present for the game. Like most game nights at the Conspiracy, I wish I had been able to play in all THREE games.

Ralph ran a submarine warfare board game, Captain Sonar that was well received.


Brigadier Dundas said...

Captain Sonar was great fun! Kudos to Ralph for bringing it along.

Scott MacPhee said...

Looks like a great evening's gaming. I have heard good things about Captain Sonar.