Thursday, February 22, 2018

28mm Stone Walls - How many are enough?

A couple of weeks ago while visiting Adler Hobby, I purchased one package of round stone walls and three packages of block stone walls, both made by Pegasus Hobbies. These are a great value and can you can easily put them directly on the tabletop from the package. They come with a simple grey base color and light dry brush which is quite acceptable. The links above can be followed to see the 'before' pictures.

Not willing to leave well enough alone I picked out random stones on each piece and colored them one of three different shades, gave them a dark 'magic wash', dry-brushed them and then coated them with Mig weathering powder, Europe dust to finish them off. The round walls received a heavy dusting, the block walls a lighter dusting.

I think the extra work is definitely worth it. As a note, the Mig dust powder serves to de-saturate the colors as recommended by Mel the Terrain Tutor as I pointed out in my February 15th post which included his video.

The title of this post asks how many stone walls are enough? The answer is probably that you can never have too many. I have a 6'x12' table. Each of these are 6" long. That means the 24 pieces shown only cover half of the length of the table if I line both sides of a road with them. The photo to the left illustrates the point. I have another 12 pieces of the round stone walls already, but that's still a few apples short of a bushel. With buildings, and other items I think I have enough to do the trick for a couple roads going across the width of the table or one road going diagonally lengthwise if I just stop a couple feet short of each end. There's always the option of only putting a wall on one side of the road, or using them to outline fields, etc. I'm counting these as 24 terrain/misc. since each one is painted and weathered taking considerable time.

Also arriving in the mail today was a recent Ebay purchase, a Warlord plastic Churchill tank that I purchased pre-painted. There was some shipping damage so I had to replace the turret antenna and re-glue on some small bits on the fuselage. This tank was nicely painted and detailed but I did choose to give it a coat of Mig Europe dust to help it better match my other British armor. I didn't NEED a Churchill, but the Ebay auction was a good deal and the model was painted very nicely, so Bob's your uncle.


quindia said...

I agree... It seems like no matter what kind of layout I set up, I'm always one wall section short of what I want!

Ed M said...

I've got a pack or two of those walls...great, now every time I look at them I'll feel like they're not done! Nice job, AJ :)

AJ (Allan) Wright said...

I blame Ralph. He pimped up his, then I had to do my first two packs. Now it's a thing.

Phil said...

Nice job, lovely and useful walls!