Monday, February 26, 2018

W.I.P - 28mm Small Townhouse With Gable

While helping one of my radio-controlled airplane friends with a project on the laser, I was showing him some of my wargaming items. As a younger man he also did some miniatures gaming. About half way through I showed him a stack of 'ideas' on my workbench. I quickly realized that I hadn't done a significant laser project in a while. I have a lot of Miniature Building Authority buildings. One that I've always wanted is their small stucco house with gable, but it's out of print. They have a couple that are similar that have replaced this one in their line. I figured I would take a shot at making something similar.

I've chosen to make these separate stories to make using figures inside much easier. The Iron Cross rules we play care if a unit is in a separate floor from another unit. The decorative band on the building I hope will hide the join line.

Still left to do is to add the corner stones detail applique and a few random stones in the field, then to tile the roof and add a chimney. Once that's all done I can give it a coat of paint. I still haven't decided if I'm going to make the roof flush with the side walls or not. Doing so will let the building be used adjacent to others in a town, but I think it looks less correct if the buildings have a small space between them.

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Ed M said...

Excellent project, AJ. I'm sure there would be interest in the group for buildings, too!