Monday, February 19, 2018

28mm WWII British Armor

My previously finished figures were German, so giving equal time to the Allies, here are four pieces of armor to help the British, including a lend/lease M10 that I built up with generic markings to hopefully allow it to do double duty with my future American forces. The vehicles are, left to right, a Humber scout car, which I've up-gunned to a US .50-cal HMG, a Daimler Mk I, a Sherman Firefly, and an M10 Wolverine. All of the vehicles are Warlord resin kits with the exception of the M10 which is a Rubicon Models plastic kit. I've filled the lower hull of the M10 with epoxy and lead shot to give it similar weight to the resin models in my collection.

I've given these a healthy coating of mud in the tracks and a nice coating of 'European Dust' from Mig. There are four ex-tankers in our club and every one of them agree that no armor in the field isn't covered with a healthy layer of dust and grime. I can't see why WWII armor would be any different.

The Humber comes with a personality command figure in it so I figured I had to give him a good effort on the paint job. The .50 cal is mounted with a tiny magnet so I can swap it out for proper British kit should I want to use the vehicle with rules that care about that sort of thing. Considering all the lend-lease equipment in the European theater, up-gunning the Humber isn't much of a stretch in my mind.

These latest British vehicles put me over capacity in my current storage, so I had to split out my AT guns, Bren carriers and Jeeps into one tray and the heavier vehicles in a second tray. Even doing so the new tray looks almost as crowded as Bovington! It's a silly amount of armor for skirmish gaming, but at least I don't plan on using it all in a single game.......or maybe......evil grin.


Mark Decoteau said...

Awesome work AJ! You are a painting machine!

Ed M said...

Nice weathering and field effects. The personality fig has been rendered with nice personality as well.