Wednesday, March 21, 2018

28mm French Napoleonic Lancers and more German WWII Infantry

I had some pin money from selling off one of my more expensive R/C gliders so I did some shopping on Ebay recently. This post is what I've purchased so far. All figures were purchased pre-painted, although both groups needed some additional work to pass muster. The first is a unit of French Napoleonic light lancers. These came individually based and nicely pre-painted. Unfortunately all of the riders were poorly glued on and most were loose. So were the bent up lead lances and flag staff. I de-based all of the figures, glued all of the riders back on properly, and re-fitted all of the lances with proper steel ones with pre-formed spear points. The flag staff was scratch built from the lead eagle affixed to steel wire. All items were glued on and re-painted. Then I went over all the figures and touched up  the shipping damage. The final step was to give them my usual basing process. Total time committed was about two hours - well worth it for such a sharp looking unit. Only slight issue is I'm pretty sure these guys aren't painted up as an actual unit.  I can't find references to any of the all-blue uniformed lancers with red facings. If it were just the facings, I'd have touched them up in yellow, but that I'm leaving them as-is.

The second unit is a few more German infantry from Veteran painting service. These were posted at a very nice price, so I couldn't resist picking up just one more unit. This one has a good mix of cloth caps which I like a lot for variety. These took the usual clean up painting of adding German grey to the helmets and gas mask case, a dry brush of gun metal on the rifles and SMGs and a few of the canteens needed some touching up. The basing on these is spot on so nothing needed to be done there. Total time invested was about 20 minutes.

We have more snow falling tonight, so these photos were taken indoors. Apologies for the poor lighting. I'm still trying to figure out how to remedy that. My gaming table has twelve four-foot daylight spectrum fluorescent bulbs which make the table very bright. Figure close-ups still seem to give me trouble even in that much light.

I'm counting these two groups as 24 painted figures purchased (mounted counting double) and four stands re-based in my annual totals.


Ed M said...

Very nice job on the lancers: FYI, the 7th, 8th, and 9th regiments of French lancers wore blue as opposed to green tunics and trousers. The 7th and 8th were formed from the 1st and 2nd Vistula Uhlans (so Poles), wearing their blue outfits only without the czapka (so the lancer helmet). The 9th regiment was formed from Germans, also wearing blue, but with yellow distinctions. If you want to tinker further with those figures, you might want to paint the turbans on the helmets brown (the officer leopard) and the combs black (leaving only the trumpeter red). Either way, they'll work (and look good).

Ed M said...

Oops! I must correct myself. The 7th and 8th, former Vistula, didn't wear the lancer helmet. So what you have is the 9th regiment of lancers.

Ed M