Tuesday, March 13, 2018

Medium Bunker

Lately I've been on a huge 28mm WWII binge thanks to our club really enjoying Iron Cross. Iron Cross games are better with a lot of terrain. Also bunkers in Iron Cross, while good, aren't the unbeatable fortresses that they can be in some other rules. Thanks to that I feel I need to add a few more bunkers to my terrain collection. This is a  medium sized bunker that will accommodate one weapons team on my standard 2.25" circle bases or four individually mounted figures. I was TRYING to make a 5-figure bunker but somehow figured out a way to mess that up. Still this will be a valuable asset for future games.

I've shown it in the photo to the left with some 28mm figures for scale. I intentionally made the layers visible to mimic many of the bunkers that were poured in multiple passes.