Wednesday, October 31, 2018

Saga Eastern Princes - Hearthguard, Warriors, Warlord

Since I'm hosting a big Saga game day on Saturday, getting the shield transfers onto these figures was top priority. I cracked on and got it done and here they are. Most of these figures were painted last week during the World Series games and have been based and flocked just waiting for the transfers. This group shot shows all the figures not previously shown. All of these are from Gripping Beast's Russian Princedoms starter warband box. As far as figure count is concerned, I'm counting this effort as 26 figures.

 Hearthguard unit number one.

Hearthguard unit number two.

The Warlord. Most reviews of this boxed set give this figure low marks. I think the sculpt has good detail, but the pose is a bit awkward. 

The Warriors. I really like this unit. I have a second one to paint up that's just waiting on an order of shields. I'm going to convert some Pagan Rus figures as more city militia to give me additional poses. I've only played a few games of Saga, but so far I'm really liking warriors with melee weapons as good all-purpose troops.

Getting the (war)band back together. Here's a group shot of the entire six point warband. A video, which actually shows the figures more clearly is below.

After finishing up the army I also designed a set of Saga measuring sticks for club use with our club name and logo. These were cut and engraved from arctic birch plywood on my laser engraver.

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Ed M said...

There Warlord is a touch reminiscent of a Minion given his googles/mask, but I think his pose and trappings makes for a fine command figure. Of course your excelllent job of painting and basing helps—for the whole warband.