Wednesday, October 31, 2018

Saga Turcopoles

These are eight Turcopoles from Gripping Beast for my Saga armies. They'll also do double duty as 'Eastern Horsemen'. Truth be told I think these figures fit the Eastern Horsemen role even better than the Turcopole role due to all of them having their bows drawn and shooting. Turcopoles to me were more all-purpose light cavalry. Still these work great for both. 

I have painted these up in 'average joe' gear. Lots of browns and earth tones for on-campaign wear. These guys didn't have retainers washing their clothes and carrying their battle gear for them. They were working stiffs.

This unit makes Saga point number three for my Eastern Princes Saga army. Today my LBMS transfers arrived so I can finally finish the hearthguard and warriors I painted up last week. Look for more photos of those units here on the blog soon. This unit I will count as 16 figures for the painting totals: 8 riders and 8 horses.

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