Thursday, October 11, 2018

Salerno 'Tobacco Factory' - Part 6 - The Road to Salerno

The primary reason for the multi-day battle for the Salerno 'Tobacco Factory' was the bridge over the stream that passed directly by the complex. That stream had a road running parallel to it. I have to admit, my 28mm roads have been quite embarrassing. I have alternately used plain brown felt or sprinkled grit as roads in my games. For this game I decided I needed to up my game. I chose a technique stolen off the Internet.

The technique involves coloring latex caulk with paint, spreading over cloth, texturing followed by painting and flocking. Most people choose canvas, but I wanted to use felt due to it being non-woven. I felt that would allow me to spread the caulk more thinly allowing the roads to remain more flexible. The felt also grips my felt table covers more firmly causing the roads to slip less. Below are some of the sections I made. The last two photos show the reverse of the roads and one going over a small hill. After this game day I plan to make more sections with some utility pieces such as a crossroads, 'T' and 'Y' sections. Making these is relatively simple and given my limited artistic talent, easy to execute.

I have chosen not to show a final photo of the completed table. That will be revealed on Saturday at the game day. I should have photos from those games posted early next week. Here is a photograph of everything packed up ready to travel to the function hall on Saturday!


Ed M said...

T-21 hours to the unveiling!

Broeders said...

They look great