Tuesday, April 23, 2019

More X-Wing 2.0

This post is out of order and a couple weeks late. A couple of weeks ago Rob, Ralph and I got together for some more X-wing 2.0. I brought two variants of a Scum list with Fen Rau and a Quad tractor array tug. The version I played against Rob added a a Mist Hunter and the escape craft with Lando in it to coordinate the whole bunch. This is a true 4-ship scum salad list. Rob was flying an Imperial tie salad. I only got a couple of tractors off with the tug, but the Mist Hunter did the load carrying tossing around both damage and stress in equal qualities.

Against Ralph, I swapped out the shuttle and the Mist Hunter for Talonbane Cobra in a Khiraxz fighter and a second tug. Aces and spacetugs I called it. Ralph used excellent range management to neutralize the tugs taking them out easily with Wedge and his wing men. I got Wedge's shields down but that was about it. Talonbane got out guessed by Ralph's flanking ties and died soon after crossing a rock. At time all I had left was Fen Rau and Ralph's list was in tact with the exception of Wedge's shields.

Even accepting that I got vastly out played in the second game, I found the first list to be superior in utility and ease of play. I'm still too much of a rookie to play an all-aces list. One ace and some 'beef' as they're calling it these days I think is more my style.  Maybe just all 'beef' would be even better until my skills improve. Still, there's a Star Viper I just modded and re-painted so.....

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Unknown said...

It was a fun evening. I wish I could fly like that every time.