Monday, April 22, 2019

Northern Conspiracy April 2019 Game Night

Last Friday was our club's monthly game night. I played in Charile's Napoleon's Rules of War game. Charlie and I played the Austrians defending a hill top against Davout's superior attacking French corps commanded by Bob and Ralph.

The French quality and tactical limitations of the situation were telling. On my flank Ralph's French had their way with the Austrians winning every melee and a majority of the firefights. On the other flank I think Charlie did a bit better. At the end of the game the dead figures box contained hordes of dead Austrians and precious few French. Well played by Ralph and Bob.

President Dick kept up the Saga momentum by hosting a four-player game of Saga featuring his Vikings. Veteran Saga players Michael and Mike helped get Kevin and Paul some Saga time under their belts in preparation for this fall's upcoming Saga big game day.

Mark who authors the My Brave Fusiliers Blog ran a large and beautiful AWI Cowpens / Guilford Courthouse game. You can read more about his game on his blog.

I'd like to thank all three game masters for hosting another trio of awesome games for the club.

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