Friday, November 15, 2019

28mm Crusader Heavy Cavalry #2

I'm playing some Saga tomorrow and the scenario requires that I use my crusader army. Call this 'just in time inventory'. I've finished up these eight Gripping Beast Crusader Hearthguard figures tonight, just in time for tomorrow's game.

The horses on these were painted with inks over zenethal primed figures. I still have some refining to do on my technique for this, but I'm happy with the results and in the end it was faster than brush painting with better results.

The riders were painted using my usual techniques, although I used more intentional highlighting and only used spot washes where needed instead of a complete 'dip' of the figures. I like the results a lot. The shields were LBMS transfers, but they were too small for the shields, so a lot of hand painting to fill in the borders and touch up the look was needed.

It's winter weather here, so photographs are inside. My apologies for the glare. I'm counting these as 16 figured in my annual painting totals.



Phil said...

A splendid cavalry, no doubt!

Engel said...

Nice work!

DeanM said...

Great looking figures; love the wraps on their helmets.

Mike Vella said...

Nice work! The paintwork is lovely and the figures themselves are well sculpted and proportioned.