Friday, November 8, 2019

28mm Crusader Warlord, Heavy Cavalry and Bannerman

These are ten of Old Glory's DA-12 Norman Heavy Knights. I've painted them up to represent Baltic and Levantine Crusaders. The only difference is I used some Crusades LBMS Studios shield transfers mixed in with some Norman ones. In all honesty I could probably also use my entire Crusader army as Normans without anyone really taking offense at it. My friend Mike has invited me to play in some Levantine crusades games and my Eastern Princes army isn't appropriate for that theater of war, so I'm pouring on the gas to finish up my Crusader army. With these figures I can field a six-point Saga force. I can't field what I feel is an optimal unit composition, but I'm legal.

Old Glory sells these in a pack of ten figures and horses, so I've painted them up for Saga as two four-man hearthguard units, a Warlord and a banner carrier. I still have to research and make a banner for the banner carrier.

For the painting of these I used my normal techniques for the riders, with a black prime, dry brush of the chain mail and then block painting of the rest. For the horses I experimented with a zenithil prime and some layered ink washes in various color mixes. The horses came out good enough considering the ink wash technique cut the painting time for them by probably 25%.

I'm counting this as 20 figures for my annual figure painting totals.

Next up on the painting table are eight more hearthguard comprised of Gripping Beast figures.


DeanM said...

Great figures and painted very well, Allan.

Matt Crump said...

Nice a good Norman knight