Thursday, June 17, 2021

1-48 Tactic Games - Part 2

I've hosted two more 1-48 Tactics games this week. The first one was for my friends George and Dave. Dave arrived before George and we played a quick game with him running the British and me running the Germans. Dave beat me with a head-shot at the end. 

George arrived and he and Dave played three games. Dave came out ahead 2-1. Both players picked up the rules quickly and play was fast-paced.


The second session was Rob and Ralph. Both players played cautiously, with Rob using suppression fire and opportunity fire liberally. This caused this game to be quite a chess match. In the end some of the 'random spray fire' from suppression took out Ralph's last soldier for the win. This is a 'long shot' scenario requiring a single D-6 roll of 6 on two successive turns.

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DeanM said...

Great looking game, Allan. I haven't played these rules yet, but they sound promising.