Saturday, June 5, 2021

2021 Basing & Re-Basing Part 1 - Hannibal at the Gates Figures

Since I moved in 2020 my laser engraver has been out of commission until a couple of weeks ago. I have continued to paint, but without the laser I've had no bases to put my painted figures on. The cobbler's children had no shoes. With the completion of the construction of the new hobby room and the set-up of the laser, I've finally been able to cut myself some bases and start to get the majority of the figures I've painted in the past 14 months based up. This post is the first installment showing the completed tabletop-ready figures. This will include all of the figures painted up for my Macedonian and Roman armies for Hannibal at the Gates

The first group top left are the Macedonians I painted for an upcoming campaign my friend Bob is running. Left is a close-up of the command figures, all from Warlord Games SPQR line.

This group of two bases of Thureophoroi were painted up to match my earlier painted Thorakatai to form into a single four-stand division for Hannibal at the Gates use.

This group of two more stands I painted more closely to the box art on Warlord Games SPQR box. I didn't like their bright white stripe, so I went with a medium grey instead. The capes of the musician and officer are done using GW Contrast paints.

The final group are my favorite of this batch, the Companion cavalry. These are Aventine miniatures. The brown horses were glazed with contrast paints, as are the helmet blumes and banner. The balance of the figures are painted using traditional methods.

For the Romans, I based up a single 'field artillery' division for Hannibal at the gates. Two Roman Scorpions and two bases of 'Romanized' Samnites. In reality these could be any lesser Italiote types: Samnites, Campanians, etc.

The artillery bases are from Warlord Games Hail Cesar line and are lead castings - my preference. The pointing officer is an Old Glory figure pressed into service as I pinched the original figure to command one of my Praetorian Guard units a while back.

These packs come with the baskets of bolts - a nice touch that allows you to make some very nice scenic bases with the figures and field pieces.

The Soldier/Peltast stands for the artillery guards were painted fairly quickly. These were meant to be a bit 'scuzzy'. Such 'soldiers' would be indentured types, not quite up to becoming Extrodanarii or Legionaries. Either they're slaves, conscripts or lesser peoples trying to earn their way into one of the better assignments in the army. These are Old Glory figures pulled from my dead lead box with Aventine Roman scuta substituted for the shields.


 That's it for this installment. Next up, figures based for for Saga, Age of Hannibal.


Matt Crump said...

Nice to see the figures getting themselves ready for battle 👍

AJ (Allan) Wright said...

Matt, I Finally figured out the follow gadget on your blog. The latest Firefox update seemed to fix it for me, FYI.

Ed M said...

Saw them when in production, but they really take a step up mounted: very nice!

AJ (Allan) Wright said...

Thank you Ed.

Jim Jackaman said...

Those look great!