Tuesday, June 15, 2021

28mm Finnish Specialists

I'm heading to Adler Hobby this weekend to play some Bolt Action Firefight. I thought it would be fun to take some of my newly painted Finnish up and get them on the table. After looking over the Firefight PDF, I realized that I really wanted a medium machine gun and/or a sniper. I also didn't have a particularly great officer figure painted up. 

Rummaging through my Finnish lead I found everything I needed: one Maxim machine gun team, a charismatic officer and a sniper with observer assistant. All of the figures are Warlord miniatures. I tossed them on the painting table and got them done. Nothing fancy as time was of the essence. I primed them in Panzer gray, then gave them a quick coat of Basillicum Gray contrast paint for the coats and Black Templar contrast paint for the dark grey pants. The rest of the work was done using traditional paints. Once done I gave the coats some highlights with neutral gray just to make them pop a bit more. I painted all six of these figures while watching some of my club mates play a game of Saga age of Hannibal over Zoom. What a GREAT evening. About two and a half hours to paint up all six figures with maybe another twenty minutes to base them up.

The Maxim MG with it's ski bipod. I've chosen to leave the skis on the bipod as I don't think they took them off in the summer, preferring the 'float' the skis gave over muddy and marshy ground. These figures are for the Lapland war, so I've based them on spring/summer bases.

The sniper and his observer assistant. Nothing fancy, just good solid figures from Warlord. The sniper I believe would be using the excellent Mosin-Nagant rifle - still considered one of the most accurate rifles of the war.


Finally, the officer. He's carrying a pistol. It looks like a revolver, but I'd expect he'd more likely be carrying a Lahti L-35 semi-automatic pistol. The only likely revolver would be a Russian Nagant M1895 - a trophy from the Winter war? 

I like this figure a lot with his fur-collared overcoat. I was tempted to paint it in black leather - possibly a gift from a German officer during the Continuation war, but I didn't want him to look too German. In the end I opted for good old grey wool. Period photographs show a lot of the Finnish officers wearing these.

Six figures to add to the 2021 painting totals.

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Matt Crump said...

Very nice collection of Finns👍