Saturday, May 5, 2007

2nd New York Continental Regiment

The 2nd New York regiment, another of the members of Enoch Poore's brigade, was one of four Continental brigades raised by the State of New work in 1775. Their uniforms consisted of "brown coats, faced with blue". According to John Mollo's Uniforms of the American Revolution, by August 1775 witnesses report the unit having acquired "the air of regulars". I have retained the units appearance as freshly uniformed under the assumption that such a unit would maintain it's equipment while on campaign.

These figures are Old Glory's 'Continental Firing Line' which I consider some of the better poses in their AWI figure range. The flag is a hand-painted flag of Washington's command flag. Local historians and wargaming friends who's oppinions I respect highly, have told me that this flag was used commonly in regiments, and not only with Washington's staff. It has the added benefit of being easily hand-painted. A regular practice of mine is to replace lead swords on officer figures with hammer-flattened and file-shaped brass or mild steel wire. This prevents them from being mishapen and broken during wargaming use. The officer's sword shown below uses this technique.


Giles said...

That's an interesting comment on Washington's flag. I noticed that Flag Dude sells "brigade headquarters" flags for some brigades, including Poor's and Maxwell's. I bought one of them a while ago, but can't recall which one! But I wonder whether they culd be used in the same way, i.e. carried by any regiment in the brigade.


The Jen Thayer Band said...

Allan, very nice blog. great to see the AWI stuff. I'm doing them in 25's and 54mm. regards////Chris Parker