Tuesday, May 1, 2007

Big Napoleonic Campaign Game...Part 2

Here's an update on our big Napoleonic game. We've completed another session of gaming and are now 5 hours into the first day (game time) after two gaming sessions (real time). Usually our V&B games run quite quickly and we're able to complete a whole battle in around 3 hours with each player pushing between a division and a corps. This game is so large the scale is 1:2 the other way. Each turn, which represents a half hour of battlefield action, is taking about an hour. This is the price you pay when some of the players are responsible for over 75 stands of troops, one player commanding an entire army of several corps. Next session we hope to recruit an additional Aide-de-camp or two to speed things along.

This session saw the Austrians on their extreme left flank capture a critical town (one of the battlefield's two victory condition points) and press through it to create a solid bridgehead. The Austrian left-center is a more tenuous bridgehead at a less significant town. The Russian center saw re-deployment of the Ruso-Austrian grand battery, while the Russian right was a mixed affair with the Prussian grand battery taking its toll, but the Russian cavalry giving a little bit of the grand battery damage back in a slugfest with the Prussian flank infantry division. The Prussians were however, able to maintain a formed flank with only a few units falling back in rout, and have additional units coming to secure that flank including a fresh division of cavalry.

Sorry for the Ruso-centric battlefield commentary, but since I'm on that side it's the view of the battle that I get. There's still plenty of battle left to fight here. Hopefully one more session will bring us to a conclusion. There's a whole bunch more photos of this game in the Turn 7 Battle of East Germany Page on the Northern Conspiracy Website.

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