Tuesday, May 8, 2007

3rd New York Continental Regiment

This is the 3rd New York Continental regiment, another member of Enoch Poore's brigade. The 3rd New York, being raised at the same time as and mostly deployed with the 2nd New York has a similar history. The 3rd was commanded by Colonel James Clinton and is reported to have been uniformed in Grey coats faced with green.

This unit is comprised primarilly of Old Glory's 'Continentals Advancing' figures. The flag is another of the ones created by me using a now-antique wax-jet printer. At the time this $10,000 printer, which I accessed at work, was state of the art. Now a $99 printer from Wal-Mart runs circles around it. Still the flag remains. All of my Poore's brigade figures were painted before I started using Volley & Bayonet for AWI and therefore each unit's figures were painted without V&B basing in mind. For this unit I experimented with packing additional figures on the stands instead of making a skirmish stand with the extra figures. While it gives the unit a nice massed look, I've since decided I like fewer figures on the stands to give a more open-order look to the troops. It is nice having a couple heavily-populated stands to represent particularly large regiments, so this unit sees duty as units other than the 3rd New York from time to time. Such is the life of a wargaming unit.


Don M said...

Very nicely done! I was in the reenactment group 3rd NY Reg for
a few years, before military assignment sent me to Fort Hood
TX. I must say you got the flavor
of my old unit down really well!

Frankfurter said...

looks like a fun effort ... I notice on the side there's a nice clip with some Prussian grenadiers etc.?