Sunday, May 13, 2007

Hesse-Cassel Fusilier Regiment Erbprinz

In order to give equal time to the forces of the crown, I thought I'd post some of my Hessian and other German troops as a compliment to the recently posted Poore's brigade American troops. This is the Hesse-Cassel fusilier regiment Erbprinz. The two stands represent the entire regiment in two different scales and are not meant to be used at the same time. The sparsely-figured stand is for higher-level games where the small regiment is represented by only a skirmish stand. The fully-populated stand is used on lower-level games where the regiment warrants a full formed infantry stand.

I've chosen to paint the unit in its pre-1780 uniform consisting of fusilier caps and rose facings as this is the uniform it fought the Brooklyn, White Plains and Fort Washington engagements in and used while stationed in New York from 1777-1780. In the southern campaign of 1781 the unit wore regular cocked hats and uniforms with crimson facings. The flag is one of my more recent efforts, using my ink-jet printer on photo quality paper, edged with gold paint and shows what can be done with a scanner, a modern printer, photoshop and a little bit of work.


Giles said...

Very nicely done, Allan. Are the rank and file figures from Front Rank? I recognise the Foundry SYW officer, who goes very well with the others.

Best wishes


AJ (Allan) Wright said...

I believe they're Front Rank 7YW figures I bought about 5 years ago before some of the newer offerings were available. Yes the officer is Foundry, I mixed him in as I didn't find anything I liked in the Front Rank figures available at convention when I bought the others. Some times the selection gets picked over pretty quick at the large conventions here.

Thanks for the kind words. I'm always humbled by your figures, which are all marvelous.

Jules said...

Hi Allan

Could I beg a copy of the flag please?

I've been trying to find a flag for this unit on the net for ages!


Post Modern Bellerophon said...

Uh Hesse-Kessel Regiment with a Brunswicker Flag?

Does your basing work with AOR games as well?

AJ (Allan) Wright said...

Hi John,

I don't know what the basing is like for AOR, I've never played it so I can't answer that question.

As for the flag, I took the flag and uniforms for this unit directly out of John Mollo's book, "Uniforms of The American Revolution". It's been a pretty reliable reference for the most part. Mollo lists the flag as appropriate for the Erbprinz regiments 'first colors'.