Thursday, December 3, 2009

Battle of Muttenz-Nyon Continued Saturday

Saturday we will continue the battle of Muttenz, which is a game in my ongoing 1813 Napoleonic campaign. During the battle of Muttenz, troops continued to maneuver elsewhere in the campaign while the battle raged on. Part of this maneuvering created another battle, the battle of Nyon which is actually adjacent to, and in fact on some of the same ground as Muttenz. Thanks to a little bit of creative furnature moving in my basement, and the setting up of two portable tables, I was able to set up the tabletop such that the two battles connect.

Players in the Nyon battle will play their early morning turns while fog obscures the area between the two battlefields. Once the battles are synchronized they'll become one huge battle.

For those who weren't able to follow the lay of the land in the photos from my previous post, this map shows the current approximate positions of the armies in the Muttenz battle, and the approximate deployment zones for the upcoming battle of Nyon (marked TBD). You can always click any image in my blog to see the full-sized image. The Russian army is defending Nyon, a stone-walled city, from an attack from a multi-corps French wing attacking from Locarno, at the top of the map.  I'm hoping this will be a great game and everyone will have fun. At the very least it will be the largest single game I've ever hosted in my basement!

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Snickering Corpses said...

Looks like quite the setup for adventure! Hope all goes well!