Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Merry Christmas!

It's quite likely with the upcoming holiday, and all the family visits that come with it, that I'll be unable to do any significant wargaming activities over the next week, so I'd just like to wish everyone a Merry Christmas, and a happy New Year!

I'll most likely be setting up another 1813 campaign game early in January, and I have a few other January activities that will be posted here on the blog, including another Carnage and Glory game I'll be hosting at our club's January game night.

To everyone, I hope your holidays are safe and enjoyable for you and your families. May all of your Christmas wishes come true and may you all have plenty of time to enjoy our hobby over the upcoming new year.


P.S. If you don't recognize it, the photo in this post is the most famous photo of the 1914 Christmas Truce during World War I. If only we could still celebrate that way now. I'm sure our servicemen and women in Afganistan, Iraq, Korea, Cuba and everywhere else would appreciate it.


Stig of the Dump said...

and a merry christmas to you too.


Giles said...

Best wishes to you and your family, AJ.