Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Mid-Republican Roman Italian Allies

The Field of Glory army list calls these troops "Other lighter equipped Italian allied infantry". These troops make up the bulk of the Italian allies the mid-Republican Roman army is allowed to have. I chose to paint these, as I did with the Extraordinarii, primarilly in white/off white tunics although with the larger unit I did mix in some light brown and mustard colored tunics. Since I had a few armored figures left over from the previous unit, I chose to mix them in as veterans, officers, etc. There are only a few armored figures so I doubt there will be any confusion about the unit's equipment.

These figures are from Old Glory 15s pack RRBG10 which contains three different poses. Although I would have appreciated a fourth pose so that the three figure stands could have more variety, with the sprinkling of armored figures I think the unit looks irregular enough to be appropriate for medium infantry. The figures are nicely animated and with the exception of the somewhat clumsy-looking boots, quite nicely sculpted. The army list allows you to have units of 6-8 stands with a total of 12 stands in the army, so I painted up this unit as an 8-stand unit. If I paint another I'll only have to paint up another four stands to complete the army list's maximum number of stands. Next up on the painting table is a unit of Roman cavalry for this army, and a single stand of Selucid companion knights for my Selucid DBA army which I haven't ever corrected after the changes in the army list in DBA 1.1.

Two units in three days. For me that's high gear. The shame of it all is even when I'm on vacation I can't keep up with Scott MacPhee in either quantity or quality!


Iowa Grognard said...

Nice job on these Allan. I was thinking just a couple days ago that I'd like to see this particular pack from OG painted before I decided on which supplier I was going to go with and here they are. Thanks!

P.S. Who CAN keep up with Scott? I heard a reference in a movie to the old underdog cartoon the other day, how he got super powers from pellets in his ring. I think Scott might the painter's equivalent.

AJ (Allan) Wright said...

Scott also painted this pack. His photos are on his blog here:

That gives you a second opinion!

Steve-the-Wargamer said...

Nice figures indeed and those shield transfers really make them stand out...

Don't get too worried about Scott's output, I am now fairly of the view that he's a painting cyborg..!!

BigRedBat said...

Another nice unit!