Tuesday, March 30, 2010

600 Points of Finns

This update includes the remaining infantry to bring my Flames of War force up to 600 points. The two groups of figures include the company HQ with an attached section of Lahti anti-tank rifles and an anti-tank platoon consisting of two sections of panzerfaust-armed infantry. I've chosen to not upgrade the HQ support section, preferring to keep the Lahti anti-tank rifles. Why? Well mostly I like the looks of the Legions East figures for the AT rifles a lot. I'm also figuring that later on, having a couple stands of AT rifles will be just the tool to deal with recon platoons equipped with light armor, jeeps or the like, and at a lesser cost than some of the alternatives. In case I change my mind, I've also added some figures with AT grenades to the AT rifle stands so that I can call the same stands 'close assault' infantry stands. These figures come from Legions East's Finnish assault infantry pack (LE-FNS-20).

The anti-tank platoon is armed primarily with German-supplied panzerfausts. The figures are mostly Legions East figures, but since I only had a few Legions East panzerfaust-armed figures, I augmented these with a variety of other figures I had including a few conversions I made by adding some loose Battlefront panzerfausts to the hands and backs of some Legions East rifle-armed infantry. All in all I ended up with a good ratio of panzerfaust to rifles on these stands. There's no mistaking them for regular infantry!

Where does this put me on the challenge? Well to date I've painted up a total of 97 figures totaling 615 points, and I have a usable 600-point force using this order of battle. It's not the 250 figures Scott pushed out in a week in January, but for me 97 figures painted and based in one week might be a record! Between now and Friday I have one possible evening during which I may be able to spend some time painting. I do have one more platoon on the painting table that I would very much like to complete for Friday's game. More on that after I complete it, but I'll give you a small hint, it's not infantry. Below is a photo of the complete collection of all of the figures I've painted so far for the challenge. If I don't get anything else done I can use everything shown except one mortar to make my 600-point company. Maybe this MacPhee guy has something with this challenge idea after all. It's sure worked this time for me.


Christopher(aka Axebreaker) said...

Nice looking force.

I've thought of doing the Finns myself,but I'm bogged down in other stuff at the moment.


Scott MacPhee said...

The figures look great! Congrats on making your deadline!