Monday, March 1, 2010

Volley & Bayonet Road To Glory Official Errata

Frank Chadwick, author of the Volley & Bayonet rules has just released the official errata to the Road to Glory edition of the rules. You can download the PDF containing the errata here. The errata contains corrections for the entire rule book, including the main rules, scenarios, Road to Glory battle generation system and the army lists.

On a personal note, the recent wind storm here in New Hampshire that knocked out power for 300,000 homes has me 'in the dark' at home for the 5th day. I returned from vacation during the 2nd day of the outage to a home that was 50 degrees and my refrigerators nearly the same temperature! Estimates from PSNH are that I could be out of power until next Thursday! I have a generator to keep the house warm and the food cold, and I'm going to try to jury-rig some lights in my hobby room so I can paint some figures. Up to now all I've been doing is catching up on my reading. With the outage scheduled to last for another few days I think I'll make the effort to rig up some emergency lighting at the painting table. Wish me luck.

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