Saturday, March 27, 2010

Jalkaväki Infantry Platoon

A Flames of War (FoW) company is required to have at least two combat platoons of it's core troop type. In my case, the company is a Jalkaväki Infantry company, and the core platoons are Jalkaväki Infantry platoons. This is the first of my two platoons. Each two stands is a squad. I've painted up the minimum three squads for this platoon, although I may paint up a fourth when I paint up the other platoon. Since we're starting at 600 points, we're allowed to start with only one of the two required platoons, so I'll probably wait until we escalate to 1000 points to paint up the second squad. In addition to the three squads of infantry, this platoon has a command stand armed with sub machine guns and a panzerfaust anti-tank weapon. The infantry squads are classified in FoW as rifle/MG stands. The platoon costs 155 points bringing my running total to 340 points, or more if I add in all of the MGs I've painted up. Half way there!

These figures are almost entirely Legions East figures. Most of the figures are their standard infantry figures, but I've mixed in the excellent Finnish light MG figures from their weapons packs, a couple of SMGs from their SMG pack, and of course the officer comes from their command pack. The figures armed with the Molotov cocktails are included in the base infantry packs. The Legions East figures have nice detail, smooth surfaces and are easy to paint. Although they're a bit less husky than the Battlefront figures, the two mix well enough together as you can see below.

When I based these figures, after dry-brushing the base texture, I went back and did a second pass with a much lighter shade being careful to pick up the larger  'rocks' and then hitting some random sections. I think this gives the stands some more character and makes them look much less lunar. I liked this change so much that I went back and applied it to the weapons platoons as well. The photo below is the entire force so far. This photo was also taken outside in natural light so the colors show more accurately. Next up on the painting table is the Company HQ, with its attached anti-tank rifle teams, and a support platoon of anti-tank teams armed with panzerfausts.

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