Monday, May 17, 2010

Magnesia first 'Playtest'

My friends Mike and Michael came over last Friday evening for us to start working on our Magnesia scenario. We're planning on running a large-ish Field of Glory Magnesia game for our monthly wargaming club game night. We wanted a scenario that would be fairly close to the historical battle while still being manageable for 6-8 players.

Most of the evening we spent mustering our troops deciding on how many battle groups would be in each command. Toward the end Mike and Michael faced off by pressing a command each against each other in some simulated situations to see how they would work. We all ended up fairly satisfied with the outcome. This looks like it will shape up to a very nice game.

The core of the Roman army is four legions, two veterans, two allied all superior in quality with elite triarii. On their right flank is a command of Atillid Pergamene allies.  The photo above is the left most Roman legion. Below are photos of the rest of the Roman forces following left to right across the battle line.

The Seleucid army is centered around six solid pike phalanxes with an additional three battle groups of elephants. In addition to these they have a solid compliment of heavy and light cavalry, some galatian warband infantry and some thurophorori. The Seleucids outnumber the Romans heavily but have the burden of attack. Photos below are of the entire Seleucid force looking from their right to left. The yellow markers separate each player's command and were for our reference only.


Phil B said...

That looks awesome Al! We'll have to try some Roman / Successor action soon. Keep us posted.

AJ (Allan) Wright said...

Hoping to get a full play test played in my basement this weekend.

The Colour Kiwi said...

Armies are looking great AJ. Looking forward to your next post.

Galpy said...

Looks great all those figures ready to go at each other, nothing quite like massed troops all ready to go