Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Spartacus - Blood and Sand

Something of a cross between the films '300' and 'Gladiator' with a touch of HBO's 'Rome' miniseries, Spartacus Blood and Sand is a Starz original series based on the Glatiator Spartacus and the slave revolt he incited that led to the Third Servile War.

The complete first season of this series is now available via 'On Demand' for those with a Starz subscription and cable TV service, or by renting or purchasing the DVDs or catching it on re-air using your DVR. I've been hearing about the series from friends and recently was able to watch it thanks to a new pay channel bundle that I've recently switched to on my cable TV service. For those with children, don't let them watch this series until you've watched a few episodes yourself to determine if you think it's appropriate. For those adults with a taste for the sexual desires of Roman society and the blood of the gladiatorial arena, I can recommend this series. It's wet my whistle to return to painting ancients figures and even for adding a gladiator unit to my Roman army. The acting is good, the sub plots intriguing and the sets and costumes are fantastic. My only complaint is that the stylized blood in a lot of the scenes in the early episodes is a bit too far 'over the top', but for those willing to overlook this small complaint it's a highly addictive and enjoyable series.

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